Design management of civil engineering projects

Approval of preliminary design stage:

  1. Receiving information from utilities owners and authorities
  2. Appointing appropriate design team to perform all design tasks
  3. Determine the principle outline of the project design and the
    development of design alternatives
  4. Selecting the design alternative and completing the design.
  5. Coordination and approval of the design with the authorities
  6. “Judgment” of the preliminary design – which includes construction cost estimation, schedule, design and

Detail design:

  1. Receive an updated program
  2. Meetings with the design team
  3. Exploring and locating underground utilities
  4. Preparation of a schedule for design and construction
  5. Conducting a risk survey
  6. Coordination with authorities
  7. Obtaining control products and performing control
  8. Pre-Judgment and Judgment Meetings for the approval of the design
  9. Budget management