Marom Tuval– Consulting, Management and Investments Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Meir Sabag, a civil engineer graduate of the “Technion”- Israel institute of technology.
The company specializes in two main areas:

  1. Management of railway and LRT infrastructure projects, roads, and underground utilities;
  2. Utilities coordination in complex national construction projects.

The company has an ISO-9001 quality standard in design management and infrastructure projects management.
The company employs about 25 engineers, practical engineers and also operates outsourcing services in order to give the costumer a full and complete service.
In our vision each and every project is carried out in great precision and to the highest standards.

Each project is unique and extends to many complex stages: from Preliminary design, through submission for tenders, construction and completion of the project to the customer’s satisfaction. Each project receives full professional services that includes consulting, obtaining approvals from all utilities owners, coordination of overhead and underground utilities, issuing building permits, statutory approvals and more.

Israel is a small and populated country that requires high-quality engineering solutions and creative thinking. The company specializes in relocation of existing utilities and analyzing underground utilities maps. As part of its work, the company assists its clients in all matters relating to engineering, cost estimates and closely accompanies the various processes, under close and ongoing supervision.
In cooperation between all the leading professionals in Civil Engineering, the company succeeds in achieving the highest quality result in each project.