Marom Tuval

The company specializes in design management, construction management and utilities coordination in infrastructure projects
Marom Tuval– Consulting, Management and Investments Ltd
Projects Management
Management of infrastructure projects requires a skilled and professional company that ensures compliance with building and engineering standards –from concept to completion of construction.
In Marom Tuval there are no compromises: we are committed to a thorough, professional and accurate work.
Our project managers specializes in projects management and providing creative solutions to the many challenges that might stand in the way for completion. With close and professional management, we solve tomorrow’s problems today.

Marom Tuval has been operating since 2007 in design management, construction and management of the utilities coordination process for complex engineering projects throughout Israel. The urban landscape is constantly changing and requires maintaining dynamic design without compromising on professionalism, quality and progress. We provide our customers skilled and leading services in Civil Engineering.

Together we will lead civil engineering into the future.
We believe that the success of any project begins with a remarkable project manager who’s involved in every step of the way, so that each and every project is carried out under close and professional supervision. Initiating a project from start to finish requires time management skills, the ability to work under pressure and a creative mind.

Marom Tuval is a company with extensive experience in civil engineering and infrastructure – who specializes in project management, utilities coordination, construction and management of re-locating infrastructure process for national projects.